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Pregledano 342 puta

ESTRANGED by After Forever

Diving in the lake of thousand faces
Every sign seems a delusion and fills me with doubt
I should't look for certainty among these disorderly impressions,
but still I do...

Being Estranged, slowly I loose the grip on the reality
Time shall shatter what we have built up
Being Estranged, from the reliable
Don't even recognize the warmth you always fulfilled me with

Break through my crystallized sphere and hold me
Enter my deepest inner self

Imprison the pain
Besieging in vain

It feels like I'm in the middle of a movie, gazing at the script
It shows me new insights
Delighted by the bygone sufferings but already waiting for the next ones

I bend forward and look between the ripples of the lake, it's the leading character...

Break through my crystallized sphere and hold me, wherever you are

Deceitful memories mingled with reality
I hold myself to the timeless spell, fascinated by never knowing if it really happened