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by After Forever
Here, here in this heart it's cold, cold as stone
Must welcome these memories as shallow as my eyes have slowly become
Hearts frail heart left broken
Cold and known for it's bitter agongy
Here are the memories as empty as my life has slowlt become sting.
Crush and bite my soul
My heart bleeds

Times changed forever that night leaving only empty memories
Empty memories won't heal the pain

We know only sorrow
There's no future in tommorow
All our hopes were buried too young for the ears that sould have followed
We know only hatred
There's no furtere in our anguish
For all hope is buried with life and reprisal will be ours.
It's empty, we're empty they're empty memories
Here, here in this heart cold as stone for no feeling's there to warm.
It is as empty as our dreams and hopes
Now our future us gone
It stings and bites in my soul
My heart bleeds!

Times changed forever that night leaving only empty memories
Time was changed forever that night
Leaving me - No, no, no - Alone with empty memories
Empty memories, empty memories


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