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by Aaliyah
Aaliyah- Erica Kane

Oh hoo hoo hooo
Erica Kane

She's back on the streets
And vein for the night
Feel you with grief She cuts like a knife
Make you do things that no others could do
She turned a professor into a fool
She ain't hard to get the girl gets around
Those that she meats are destined to drown
She makes you change like you never believe
She turns a working man into a thief

She's Erica Erica Erica Erica
She's Erica Erica Erica Erica
She's Erica Erica Erica Erica
She's Erica Erica Erica
Erica Kane 2x

Back on the block she's at it again
She'll be your friend as long as you spend
I know she torn whole family's apart
She shoot a poison aero straight to your heart
This is the day for Erica Kane
There's nothing lose nothing to gain
She'll make a honest man steal from his folks
And turn a man into legal broke


I really think you should mess around(I really think you should mess around)
Cause all she'll do(All she can do is bring you down)
And there's nothing for you to get(There's nothing to get)
And She goes by this name



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