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TONIGHT by A Brand

Hope delayed disappointment
She aims for instant satisfaction
She takes some uppers
While she is putting on her make up, brake up

She wants to hang with the stars
Hanging out with the boys with guitars
She wants to shoot into the galaxy
Makes you forget how mortal you are

Shine your lights on me
Let your bright light shine on me
Please let your bright light shine on me

She says I measure my status to the sheers of the boozers
I measure my status to the amount of success
Who needs friends, friends are for losers
Theyâ??re yesterdayâ??s news in second hand clothes

PPPlease donâ??t drag me down (cheers are for boozers)
PPPlease throw some dust around (the amount of success)
PPPlease get on with the show (friends are for losers)
Timeâ??s running out and Iâ??m getting cold


You can rub it you can scrub it till the dust comes off x3
Happy go lucky sucky sucky fucky fucky x2

Chorus x2

Tonight x4