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Somebody told me
I am acting like a fool
and girl I get the feeling
that it's all down to you
pigs they can fly, you tell your lies

Sometimes I ask you, you don't know what to say,
I look directly at you babe
you look the other way
time passes by, you tell your lies

You'll never decieve me again
as long as a heart beat remains
I still need you, I don't know why
You used to call out mu name
you walked through the cold pouring rain
I want my baby back again
You're sell out!

So complicated, I don't know what to do
the polygraph line is shaking
it used to be me and you girl
sly lady, sly, you tell your lies

Entertaining near the station
I saw you with those other guys
How could you baby?
What do you think you are doing
all this instanity must end now.


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