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ECCENTRIC by After Forever

What do they see when they look at me
Who are they to judge me if they never spoke with me
never looked without laughing never tried to see, see me

I can't believe that it's only me,the person to hate,the only left out
I can't believe that they can be so mean
if they only could feel the brutal stings of their words
and the bitter cold when they laugh

once more, I'm running,running away,I must hide
Can't take anymore,
a fight to free me from an endless struggle with life.
Running, tell me how far should I go,
if they're all the same.
this fight I'm fighting my way through

I don't really want to be like them,the way they behave
the way that they live
I don't really need someone,no people like that
but someone in a world with warmth and respect
a world without the feeling I must be