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ROSE by A Perfect Circle

Don't disturb the beast, the temperamental goat the snail.
While he's feeding on the rose stay, frozen,
compromise what I will I am
Bend around the wind silently blown about again
I'm treading so soft and lightly compromising my will
I am

I am I will
So no longer Will I Lay down
Play dead pay your due.
In the headlights locked down and terrified
You're a deer in the headlights shut down and horrified
When push comes to pull, comes to shove, comes to step around
This self-destructive dance that never would have ended til I rose
I roared aloud here I will I am

I am, I will, So no longer will I lay down
Play allive
Lay this knee down,
Gun shy martyr pitiful I rose I roared
I will I will